The Documentary


So let's talk more about the documentary itself.

We know that the documentary will naturally take on a life of it's own once we begin the trip. We are so excited to see where it will take us and know that what we capture will above anything else be genuine and true. As a filmmaker with a background in script writing, cinematography, and editing I have been planning and preparing this documentary for the past 4 months. We plan to capture the trip in a truly breathtaking and original way, that mirrors the magnitude of what we are experiencing physically, emotionally, and mentally. The cinematography will place us in nature and will convey visually what we are experiencing internally. The script that I have created places our story as one amidst the many stories experienced around the world. The script also seeks to portray our minds and what we allow our minds to think about in a completely new way that we have spent weeks conceptualising and bringing into reality. This original and challenging idea is what will set Awaken The Giant Within apart from other documentaries, and will cement it's message and beliefs in the minds of the viewers.  

While the documentary focuses on our story, it is only used to comment to a much larger issue. We know that our story can be related to by anyone who has every experienced a feeling of hopelessness, undiscovered potential, or dissatisfaction with where their life is going. Use our story and the things we learn and adapt them to help achieve what you want.