The Crew

We are putting together a 4 man crew consisting of a producer, cinematographer, camera assistant, and sound recorder who will all be working with us for at least 2 weeks part-time leading up to the trip. They will then be working full-time for another two weeks as we proceed into the production stage of the film. Their involvement and expertise is absolutely crucial in doing this project justice and will require a substantial financial element. The entire crew will be camping in tents together with us throughout the trip as a way of fully emerging them in the experience. They will be battling the elements along with us.

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Director - Mads Beier 

Age: 22

Nationality: Danish


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Executive Producer - Karl-Emil Beier

Age: 19

Nationality: Danish



We are still looking for a producer. Applications are open.



We are still looking for a cinematographer. Applications are open.


Camera Assistant

We are still looking for a camera assistant. Applications are open.


Sound recordist

We are still looking for a sound recordist. Applications are open.