Awaken The Giant Within.

A film that explores the art and science of personal growth and discovery by filmmaker Mads Beier.

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Your support of contributing to this project has the potential of making a real difference in the lives of people suffering from mental health issues as well as people who are deeply unhappy with where their lives are going. Do not underestimate the power you have of making this project a reality. Join us now in Awakening The Giant Within by contributing to our movement and telling your friends and family about it! Together we can make this happen!

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We have opted to select a 'fixed' funding goal, meaning it is an all-or-nothing model. If we do not raise the entire €45,000 by the end of our campaign, we will not receive a dime. Our hard work and your support will have been for nothing. The reason for why we have chosen this model is that we truly believe in the power of this film's potential. The film we have envisioned cannot be made with less than our set funding goal. In today's world, the topics explored in the film are more important than ever, and will naturally make for an interesting and even inspiring watch. However, we have developed a plan that will allow us to capture something that has never been seen before. We do not simply want to participate in raising awareness through a mediocre film that will only be seen by our friends and family. We want to create a film that will have a massive impact on a universal audience. Our film has the potential of being recognised as something extraordinary and we are inviting you to be a part of it. The budget below will allow us to create something amazing and therefore we cannot settle for less. We need your help to raise the funds! Tell everyone you know to contribute!  



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